Welcome to the new web page of Club Jerry. I hope that you all will enjoy it. Our attempt is to provide you with as much up to date information about the activities of the club on a current basis and to make it as interactive as possible. Many thanks is owed to Greg Biltz, his wife Patricia and their friends, you will be able to get a view on what takes place here in the club. We will try to show you daily activities, special feasts and events, outdoor trips to the canyon Nacapuli, to the beautiful beaches of San Carlos, to some of the kidsí team sports events. We certainly will fill and renew our photo gallery frequently. We will try to keep you abreast of many events that take place at the club.


The Club Jerry deals with more than providing a place for boys and girls. Our youth who come on a daily basis are a very special group of young adolescents who love to serve their neighbor and to help anyone in need. Our young men 18 to 23 years are  a very special group. They are available at a momentís notice eager to help out.


We also have a motherís group who meet two mornings each week. While their children are at school, they come to the club to learn many skills in homemaking, Bible studies, self esteem development, skills in educating their children, skills on how to dialog with their teen-agers, on how to bring peace in the home and many other skills for the betterment of their family.


We are also interested in developing a special Catholic middle school (grades 7, 8 and 9) for our adolescents as that is the age  when they are so entertained with the mundane bombardment of the sub-culture that after six months in the public school, they are disoriented and destroyed. What a tragedy!


There are many other programs that we would like to develop and inform you of but we will keep that for another page. For now, I wish to thank you all for your constant prayers and support.


May God Bless you  always,       Jerry.